Santa Monica, Kiwibot is here!

With headquarters located in California, Kiwibot is manufacturing locally what the company, but especially what our partners require to have a successful operation here and all over the world!

Santa Monica, Kiwibot is here!

Kiwibot’s operation in the City of Santa Monica is concentrated in the Zero-Emissions Delivery Zone, which was launched by both, the City and Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) in an effort to supports the innovation and promote private and public solutions to reduce the growing carbon and congestion problem.

Kiwibot is a clean technology!

In the aforementioned area, we do everyday routes which are achieved thanks to months of careful planning and preparation. These pilots allow us to learn and evaluate the safety and convenience for the community, and ensure sustainability and accessibility for users with new lifestyles and needs. Also, these pilots allow us to interact, understand and work for the community surrounding Kiwibot's operation which is key to ensure a good reception of our (cute) last mile delivery technology.

Following this, Kiwibot is not alone at the street, but it is accompanied by angels, who are skilled and trained to help a bot in distress, as well as to talk to and engage with the community. Our angels are extremely well-rounded people, characterized by their empathy, as well as their ability to work in the field and perform other business activities, since we take the time to get our personnel properly trained before they begin work.

Kiwibot arrives to Santa Monica to create and support local and remote green jobs, as those already mentioned, but also has a strong local manufacturing and maintenance team, as well as platforms, operations and business developers working not only to grow Kiwibot but support local business economic reactivation helping them to connect with demand using innovation.

We are here to stay, to grow in the city and to show that change and a new begining is possible. #goKiwibot