Dear: San José. With love, Kiwibot.

Dear: San José. With love, Kiwibot.

This is a city that has a history with us... This post should start there. Kiwibot was conducting a Pilot in Denver during 2020 and the world sanitary situation became more complicated (check out how Kiwibot built a robot during the pandemic!), which is why we were forced to stop operations.

Then, and now, San José was a dreamed location since this city is focused on data-driven decision-making, promoting and creating improvement in innovation to serve the community and generate benefits in safety, sustainability, and -especially right now- economic reactivation through job generation (What a Kiwibot approach, isn't it?).

In San José, CA, Kiwibot is in an initiation stage, which requires an amazing team capable of manage projects, define realistic/measurable/challenge objectives, set and follow a budget, offer our services, and ensure that our stakeholders are satisfied and our goals exceeded.

San Jose gave us all the robot mobility permits, which allowed us (as in other cities) to partner with local businesses. This gives us visibility and helps us penetrate different markets in which we can build alliances for the good of the community within a mile of the restaurant or company. From Kiwibot, we want to break paradigms and demonstrate how technology can be beneficial for everyone.

We are always ready to answer questions and demonstrate how our robots operate in different cities to improve people's lifestyles, and how they open up new spaces and opportunities for new jobs both in-person and remotely.

We are ready and open to receive your feedback and ideas! Follow us on Social Media @kiwibot