Kiwibot Reinvention

A full overview of the reinvention and new generation of Kiwibots. Refined hardware design, new operations features, and superior human interactions will transform the logistics landscape and yield better service.

Kiwibot Reinvention
“Food is the ingredient that brings us together”

The New Year will bring new memories, new resolutions, and new Kiwibots!

In 2020, we will roll out Kiwibot Cloud Pro. A new generation is coming. Refined hardware design, new operations features, and superior human interactions will transform the logistics landscape and yield better service.

We combine sensors of a custom made stereo camera to get more information about the environment. Our Kiwibots will sense the world more accurately and move more precisely. Our Kiwibots are now resilient to dynamic light conditions on different sidewalks.

However, our newest Kiwibot will not be complete without our community’s input. We want all of you to be part of this next chapter.

You are invited to participate in this survey so we can incorporate your feedback in the next generation of Kiwibots:

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“Kiwi Campus” was launched in February 2017 and had the goal of serving students around the globe. But as our robots are changing to serve broader communities, we are re-branding ourselves as “Kiwibot” to better reflect our mission and breadth of service. With every byte of processing power, we aim to bring you the futuristic solutions to hunger that you need. Our goal is to find the latest technologies and implement them to have our robots enhance your quality of life. Quality tech in every byte :)

Our new website is now live. Click here to see it!

Kiwibot - Food delivery robot

We are improving people's lives with the world's most affordable and accessible delivery service. Since our start in…

Interesting fact:
On average, cars emit roughly 404 grams of CO2 per mile. Kiwibots do not emit any CO2. Kiwibots provide an affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly way of getting food with an electric delivery robot, saving approximately 7,531,018 grams this semester.

Cloud Dispatcher

We develop specific communication protocols to integrate tightly our new cloud dispatcher with our Kiwibots to provide a complete robotic experience to deliver your food. Each Kiwibot can connect fast and integrate easily with any of the supported dispatcher machines with zero configuration.

Moving even further toward maximum efficiency and reliable ETAs, cloud dispatcher will be automated fulfillment machines, using warehouses and vending machines as principal points of storage and distribution.

No Time to Waste Time

These days, we all have too many things to do with no time for interruptions. Kiwi Express will bring work fuel right to you. It will be the first digital store where you can find anything from snacks to consumer packaged goods. We will revolutionize the CPG industry so you won’t have to plan ahead and robots will bring essentials right to your doorstep.

Kiwi Express was launched one month ago as a pilot project, encouraging our customers to not only order fast food, but also a variety of items via the Kiwibot app. Let us know what else you would like to see here.

Robot Testing Lab.

In this lab, we have a test track that simulates city sidewalks and realistic spaces where the bot moves. We replicate the real world by defining different scenarios with adjustable ramps, rain rooms, signal blockers, motion test tracks and other amazing stuff that prepare our robots in an awesome way to be part of our human day by day.

Each Kiwibot is now simulated to be able to detect failures or bad configurations before being deployed to do your food delivery, from our results on the on-site simulation, we are able to verify the systems of path planning, object detection, automated driving assistance, and control parameters.

Empowering people in emerging economies

Our core technology is based on what we call a Parallel Autonomy Simplified System (PASS). A framework that emphasizes shared navigation control between our robots and a human supervisor. Because people are what make us who we are right now, we want our robot to interact harmoniously with them in every possible scenario. From the pedestrians we share the sidewalks with, to the people that help us deliver smiles to our customers.

Supervisors provide assistance to help our robots navigate seamlessly through complex paths. People share emotions, and robots too! Kiwibots can express their feelings as they navigate the jungle of humans, cars, and buildings. Each Kiwibot is equipped with multiple sensors (cameras, single beam lidars, and IMU) to be able to complete the simultaneous processes of geolocalization, environment mapping and different techniques of classical and modern computer vision which the robot uses to avoid obstacles and pedestrians. Supervisors are monitoring and collecting data to ensure that environment recognition is accurate and maximizes safety on the city streets.

Our supervisory team works remotely at Medellin and is formed by a group of young robotics enthusiasts from Colombia. Supervisors can choose their own working hours and contribute directly to the entire Operations System, while they grow their careers due to the flexibility the company offers to them. This team has created a potential for passionate young explorers to discover tech industries around the world, like in the case of Marcela Gómez:

“I started March of the current year as a supervisor in the operations area. I studied in the university EAFIT in Medellin, Mechanical Engineering my position there allowed me to understand the world of Kiwibot and the hard work all of the teams must do in order to reach quality in each delivery, I had the opportunity to grow inside the project and now I am part of the AI and Robotics team, a very rare position to find in Colombia as a Mechanical Engineer.”

All of the people that are part of this incredible journey have seen in Kiwibot a way to impact the world by innovating, testing new solutions and empowering a very talented group of future entrepreneurs to challenge the Status Quo in different industries.

Or Michelle Galindo:

“I met Kiwibot while I was studying Economics at Universidad Militar Nueva Granada thanks to a friend that works here. I started as a bot supervisor and due to my competitive nature I set goals to become the best one here. After a short time, I won the prize for the best supervisor and got promoted to a higher position to manage and allocate courier and robot resources. I am continuously proposing new improvements to our logistics system that have proven to be effective in the real world operations, so I like the fact that every person finds a way to contribute to the process from their own fields of expertise.”

A huge portion of Kiwibot’s passion and success can be owed to our wonderful supervisory team. Every day, they overview your delivery from your favorite restaurant to your doorstep. In fact, many of our supervisors have climbed the management ladder and currently work as a logistics manager. We are proud to nurture this talent because we believe in our people since the first day they work with us. All of the people who are part of this incredible journey have found a way to impact the world by innovating, testing new solutions, and expressing their creativity through Kiwibot. Each employee is handpicked because of their ability to think outside of the box, and empowering this very talented group of future entrepreneurs gives them the opportunity to challenge the status quo in different industries.

Welcome to Kiwibot’s reinvention.