How do we ensure Operational Excellence?

How do we ensure Operational Excellence?

We are building a holistic robotic delivery infrastructure and have built an incredible set of tools to be able to deploy our service in a short amount of time. Whether it is for local businesses, university campuses, airports or shopping malls, Kiwibot can never be slowed down.

You’ve seen how our revolutionary tech works, but now I want to show you how the robots will serve you!

Our delivery infrastructure and integration methodology will allow us to deploy our service in just weeks.

How? Well, we have some exciting plans for the coming months. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate the Kiwibot into your community as your friend in the streets, Our highly trained Operations team, our Kiwi squad, will work with local partners and cities to ensure Kiwi feels welcome into your community!

By the end of 2021, we want to Scale our business, which means we will operate sites with 200+ robots. Diego,  Our COO, Diego, has extensive experience working for companies such as Uber and Amazon and he is a master in understanding the importance of obsessing over the customer, so with so many robots around you and your community, you’ll be able to get whatever you want, whenever you want it.

During our growth stage, we will expand throughout North America and bring Kiwibot to as many people as we can the convenience they deserve. But there is more, our long term vision is to bring Kiwibot all over the world (and even to Mars). Whether you live in London, Singapore or Sydney, we want ALL people to be able to access the convenience of quick, safe and affordable delivery. Delivery should not be a luxury, but rather your right as a citizen of the future.

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