MIAMI! Thank you for opening the doors of your city to Kiwibot

Deploy the operation! Every day is a new beginning and an opportunity to learn from the cities and the communities where Kiwibot is.

MIAMI! Thank you for opening the doors of your city to Kiwibot

Kiwibot arrives in Miami at the very beginning of May, in a very special partnership to challenge ourselves in a new location and impact the local community to positively transform the future with technology. This is how our story begins in this new location and the operation started in Brickell Center and Downtown Miami.

Immediately after the arrival of our launchers and bots, we started the deployment of our technology (in the streets) intending to familiarize the Miami community with our Kiwibots, but also to understand in detail the distribution of the zones with restaurants and pedestrians, to study the spaces in which we could operate correctly (like robot-friendly locations!), and in general: to start a mapping of our operation in a small scale.

One week after starting the above-mentioned operation, we started to grow our team in Miami, carrying professionals already trained in other Kiwibot locations, as we also grew our fleet of robots. These conditions, acquired in a very short time, allow us to start with one of the most important and enriching processes: scouting.

Scouting: understand in detail each of the streets of the defined operational area. Learn about pedestrian safety like: width of the sidewalks, ramps accessibility, and even holes, learn about the traffic lights, and in general the challenges and opportunities presented by the specific area.

Using business intelligence and data analytics skills, the Kiwibot team begins the design and testing of optimal routes for last-mile deliveries. This is not a short and immediate process, but it is a constant learning path that will help us to make appropriate and agil decisions during the operations.

What else is going on in Miami? our team has participated in several events, in which we have opened new spaces for Kiwibot to be known in the community and to resolve any doubts they may have. We support initiatives that seek the democratization of technology and its insertion into the communities.

In Miami we are doing simulated orders, we are doing plushies deliveries, making Kiwibot widely accepted among children and their families. We have dedicated time and are willing to understand the community we work for, seeking to maximize people's receptiveness.