Kiwibot expansion: highlights and partnerships

Kiwibot expansion: highlights and partnerships

By now you’re probably wondering, where can I find a Kiwibot? And that is why in this update we can tell you that our business team (a dream team!) is exploring opportunities to bring our service permanently to all top cities in the US. Among the first cities are: San Jose, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Miami

But: Yes! Right now you will be able to see our bots on some sidewalks of these cities mentioned above. For example, San Jose led us to create a framework to empower communities at risk, and traditionally excluded from the innovation cycle.

In Kiwibot we build tech anyone can use!

And so, San Jose became the first city connected to our robot API. Then, the City of Los Angeles loved what we did in San Jose, and they allowed delivery tests in special purpose areas but also college campuses and malls.

We are proud to also have integrated LA to our API!

Our efforts in San Jose & Los Angeles caused shockwaves in Santa Monica! The city that once banned delivery robots now let us participate in the nation’s first ZEDZ -> Zero Emission Delivery Zone.

And as part of this effort and process, we’re calculating the CO2 emissions we’re saving in our operation!

To read the full Keynote post click here, and/or to watch the video of the new Kiwibot launch click here!