The beginning of a new generation of (cute) machines

Four years ago, Kiwibot embarked on a journey to reimagine the future of the last-mile delivery, today we are proud to show you our new Kiwibot 4.0. During our Keynote, we unveiled our robot to the world.

The beginning of a new generation of (cute) machines

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Where is Kiwibot four years after its first delivery at UC Berkeley?

By May 2021 we have completed more than 150,000 orders and built more than 400 robots. Kiwibot is a company with global aspirations, and a footprint in Colombia, U.S. and Taiwan.
Now, you are going to meet the most exciting robot that we have ever created: Kiwibot 4.0! It is the most advanced urban-friendly delivery robot in the market, and it is also the cutest.
Meet your new friend:

You can watch the complete Keynote by clicking here!

Behind Kiwibot, there is a group of dreamers who want to have a positive impact on our planet, make the world a better place, and make our lives easier with our Zero-emission technology.

Having said that, in Kiwibot we want to deploy fleets of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of robots one day. So during this and the related posts, you will meet the people who day after day make this dream possible as well as the new generation of machines that are going to make our lives easier:

How are we designing the future?

What we do in Kiwibot is very much inspired by people and feelings, and we use the power of the emotions to render designs and represent the community that we serve.
During the design, we used a similar process to the one that an artist uses when is creating a composition: we evaluate the people's behavior and then we come up with ideas that boost the positive feelings of the communities around the robot in the streets.

Kiwibot is not about a robot, it is about people's hearts.

The design process continues with the need to develop a better way to move goods from the point A to B in dense urban areas.

To know how our iF Design Award winning team is doing it, go to the full design post here.

How did we build a robot during the pandemic?

This amazing journey of building the Kiwibot 4.0 began over a year ago when we didn't even imagine that something like the Coronavirus pandemic could take over the world.

We focused all of our efforts to continue developing and testing the product, even though our team was halfway across the globe (learn more in the full post!).

To complete the challenging task of building an amazing robot during a pandemic, Kiwibots head of hardware and Manufacturing highlight some of our key activities: defining the requirements, designing the concept, testing the new technology and producing samples. Also, making iterations until having the final design in production has been the key to complete a product that is capable of supplying all the functionality that Kiwibot needs to deliver to you the best delivery service (with robots)!
If you want to know more about how we built a robot during the pandemic, click here and you will have the complete story and information!

Kiwibot AI & Robotics

Kiwibot has been evolving and perfecting each one of its bots series; since some years ago, when we were still testing the concept, this was not a bot yet, but a prototype being remotely teleoperated to deliver at short distances.

Things started to change and technology started to improve with the Level 1 and Level 2 (Kiwibot 3.0 series) were we introduced partial automation, specifically we improved the perception.
We utilized the kiwibot's sensors to understand how we can interpret the world, interact with the community, and find barriers in mobility that robots should face.

In the making of this Kiwibot 4.0 we have applied our experience from the previous iterations and have developed a semi-autonomous driving system, allowing for new ways to interact with the world and the user. We are excited to introduce the world to our semi-autonomous Kiwibots and pave the way for the technological innovation of the future.

Click here to know all the detail of what our AI & Robotics area has done and continues to do day by day!

How do we ensure Operational Excellence?

We are building a holistic robotic delivery infrastructure and have built an incredible set of tools to be able to deploy our service in a short amount of time.
Our delivery infrastructure and integration methodology will allow us to deploy our service in just weeks. How? Well, we have some exciting plans for the coming months!

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate the Kiwibot into your community as your friend in the streets. This leveraged on our highly trained operations team, our Kiwi squad that is willing to work with local partners and cities to ensure Kiwi feels welcome into your community! (learn more in the full post!)

Do you want to know how Kiwibot wins people’s hearts? We are mastering the art of User Research!

At the core of Kiwibot business is the community that we serve. Kiwibot is a friendly robot, the only bot facial expressions, and that’s why they are so lovable. As our primary mission is to bring convenience to the end-user, we consider it imperative to integrate with the community and that is why we work tirelessly to understand the needs of the people we serve.

(if you want to know our rating in the community, examples and experiences, follow this link to the full post!)

Kiwibot expansion highlights and partnerships:

By now you’re probably wondering, where can I find a Kiwibot? and that is why in this update we can tell you that our business team (a dream team!) is exploring opportunities to bring our service permanently to all top cities in the US. Among the first cities are: San Jose, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Miami.

But: Yes! Right now you will be able to see our bots on some sidewalks of these cities mentioned above.

To learn more about our business process and current situation, click here right now!

Putting our efforts in context, you should be aware that the number one problem in the world right now is climate change. 80% of the deliveries in the US are made by cars powered by gas, just here in California more than half of the state is in severe drought mode, fires are getting more difficult each year affecting the air quality and our lungs. If we don't take any measures right now by 2030 urban deliveries are going to increase carbon emissions by 30%.

Now that you know us better, we hope you will support Kiwibot, since here we are already saving 1,000 grams of CO2 in each delivery, and our goal is to save 10m grams of C02 just this year, but that’s still a tiny piece.

So remember: the world changes with your behavior, not with your opinion!

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