How are we designing the future?

At Kiwibot, during the design, we used a similar process to the one that an artist uses when is creating a composition

How are we designing the future?

What we do in Kiwibot is very much inspired by people and feelings, and we use the power of the emotions to render designs and represent the community that we serve.
During the design, we used a similar process to the one that an artist uses when is creating a composition: we evaluate the people's behavior and then we come up with ideas that boost the positive feelings of the communities around the robot in the streets.

“Kiwibot is not about a robot, it is about people's hearts”

The design process continues with the need to develop a better way to move goods from a to b in dense urban areas and we are doing this through efficient partial-autonomous technology. That is why in the new series 4.0, we believe that designing from the ground up is the right way to combine AI, a new set of sensors, computers, and functionalities that makes it easier to explore and optimized to achieve the best results.

Kiwibot 4.0 has been designed with extreme care, taking special attention to details like size, balance, modularity features to quick technology iteration

Kiwibot explores his brand adaptability to support local commerce, or international brands, its signage to improve communication with the environment, and his cuteness to mark as one of the most important differences in the competitive landscape.

The high level of interaction in Kiwibot 4.0 allows the Kiwibot to interact with its environment and what is happening around it. You’ll see a Kiwibot winking you, following you with their eyes, or express emotions like happiness, frustration, and even sadness.

The robot also has more interfaces to enhance the operation experience: lights, a speaker, the screen, and the robot itself will interact with everything depending on weather conditions, people, objects, and events.

Now that you know more about the design, you can learn about the hardware and manufacturing process in Kiwibot!