How did we build a robot during the pandemic?

How did we build a robot during the pandemic?

This amazing journey of building the Kiwibot 4.0 began over a year ago when we didn't even imagine that something like the Coronavirus pandemic could take over the world.

When this happened we focused all of our efforts to continue developing and testing the product, even though our team was halfway across the globe: the development was in Colombia, we tested our prototypes and final design in Taipei, we produced in china and we made the assembly with an amazing team in California where our robots are running nowadays. Our team based in the U.S. is in charge of finishing the final test for the robots and also, to be sure that every robot that is on the streets is ready to give the 100% at work in reliability, good service, and safety.

These were some of our main activities to build an amazing robot during the pandemic:

Defining the requirements, designing the concept, testing the new technology and producing samples. Also, making iterations until having the final design in production has been the key to complete a product that is capable of supplying all the functionality that Kiwibot needs to deliver to you the best delivery service (with robots)!

Tip: face the activities and challenges (like the pandemic) with passion :)‌‌

This new version of the Kiwibot has a lot of new features that make it possible to be a reliable robot on the streets and indoors.

Your new friend, the Kiwibot 4.0 now has new cameras with high technology and a bigger range of vision, 5 frontal distance sensors and a high-performance lidar on the top, a super improved connectivity, a better GPS location, it has a new and taller flag with light + rear light to improve the visibility - helping our kiwibot to cross the street and being safer to pedestrians and cars, new front light to turn on in the sunset and the new robot has a voice, so he can express itself at the right moment! Talking about expressions... It is important to mention one of the most important things, the robot has a lot of new items for the better interaction with people, like the face to react to the environment:

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