Want to Have Breakfast on the Beach with a Robot?

Want to Have Breakfast on the Beach with a Robot?

Kiwibot exists because of people and the interaction between robots and the community. Being able to receive authentic reactions within college campuses and city streets  encourages our Kiwi team and adds value to our robotics services because every time a Kiwibot connects with its public, it’s a unique opportunity to understand what the user expects from us. It’s an opportunity to see a smile and a reaction that is worth everything🙌!

Due to our great focus in customer satisfaction and creating a unique robotic experience, Kiwibot has recently launched a one-of-a-kind project:

Life has clearly changed for the long run, However, Kiwibots are part of this new reality by being safe, complying with disinfection protocols, and on this occasion by being the best host you could ask for in Santa Monica. Kiwi offers - for a limited time - the "Breakfast with a Robot on Santa Monica Beach" experience on AirBnb, with which we promise you will live an unforgettable date. Taking advantage of the beach and the morning sea vibes in California, we offer you the opportunity to spend two hours with one of our semi-autonomous delivery robots.

Whoever decides to take up on this unique experience (It could be you by booking the experience in the link below!) will first encounter the robot in the Santa Monica Pier and receive a surprise inflatable costume, which will be worn during the experience with the robot. The reason behind this? we want the user experience to be as all encompassing as possible and discover how a Kiwibot feels every time it is out on the street: they are flashy, special, but always friendly.

Once the Kiwibot's date is dressed, they can start walking with the robot through the Santa Monica beach, until a picnic area that we have prepared especially for this occasion is within view. Of course, the special thing is not only to walk with semi-autonomous robots but also to have a beautiful space to enjoy a tailor made breakfast picnic delivered by Kiwibot. This is really our forte💪! they will be served by the latest technology in delivery.

The user will get to dress in an inflatable costume and enjoy a beach picnic.

From this point on, they can just hang out and vibe with the bot, enjoy the yummy food and maybe take some photos for posterity. Hopefully after that special morning they can see the robot around town and be reminded of a unique day spent with a Kiwibot!

Want to learn more or book an afternoon with a Kiwibot? Click on the link below!